The matchmaking killer application

b.square is the matchmaking platform used by the most important one to one meeting events. It is able to fully manage pre, in and post event needs.

A gorgeous user experience

Participants experience the freedom to do their business at the best, profiling their companies, asking and accepting appointments on their own.

The best timetable possible

b.square automatically creates the best timetable possible maximizing the number of settable appointments.

Better events, more meetings for participants, less effort for organizers



b.square platform manages all event issues so that the marketing is free to focus his efforts on the communication and the event development.

b.square costs are clear and independent of the participants number, helping the event to grow without budget problems.



b.square platform is based on "a state of the art" optimization algorithm that always provide the best meetings schedulation.

b.square can be integrated with every platform, private and public, accessible in Internet with an API (Application programming interface).



b.square team is always at the organizers side with easy to use remote support packages till the full management of the event.

b.square is not only the best platform to manage a network meetings event, but also a winning methodology based on many successful events.