World Forum on Local Economic Development (LED)

The 3rd World Forum on Local Economic Development (LED) will take place in Turin (Italy) from 13 to 16 October 2015.
This event is part of a process started in 2011 with the organization of the First World Forum on Local Economic Development, which addressed the issue of “Planning, Economy and Local Governance: new perspectives for times of change”.
The 3rd World Forum on LED is proposed as a platform to critically review experiences and assumptions that have dominated LED discourse and practices over the past two decades. Considering LED as an important means for implementing the post 2015 agenda at the local level, the Forum will provide a space for a critical reflection. It will strive to not remain at showcasing how things been done in the past but rather promote creative discussions on how can we do things differently in order to better respond to the key challenges that are presented in the new SDGs and the related post 2015 agenda.

To organize meetings with private, public and civil society actors from all around the world through pre-arranged b2b meetings, LED uses b.square. The meetings are defined as "...the quickest and easiest way to meet relevant delegates: a time-effective chance to establish a high number of contacts and make the most successful use out of your participation at WFLED".
Each member has the opportunity to share his profile and attendance objectives and to discuss potential business opportunities. Thanks to slots of 30 minutes conversations, these meetings are a first step to develop future partnerships.