B.square Eventival

Platform dedicated to Film Organizations

Starting from our experience in managing business matching meetings in international fairs and thanks to the collaboration with Eventival, we have developed a Film Organizations dedicated version of b.square.

The collaboration with Eventival was born from a similar context and thanks to our common client Torino Film Lab.

The new platform allows Film Festival organization to easily manage one-to-one meetings between Projects and Decision Makers.

Participants can:

  • register and profile themselves on the platform;
  • manage their availability during the days scheduled for the meetings;
  • examine other participants’ profiles;
  • select whom they wish to make an appointment with;
  • set appointment relevance using a "star based” rating system;
  • accept or decline meeting request of other participants.

Organization can:

  • accept or refuse participants;
  • manage the rules of the event (e.g., who can ask for meetings);
  • set appointment relevance using a "star based” rating system;
  • manage table assignments.

The platform arranges in real time as many appointments as possible in order to create the best meeting timetable based on:

  • appointment requests;
  • meeting relevance;
  • participants’ availability;
  • event duration.

This version of b.square is thought to be fully integrated with Eventival in order to allow a complete management of the event.

Our solution lets one-to-one meetings events become an opportunity for Film Festival to minimize organization efforts and increase the number of participants edition by edition.